Curabase 2.0 beta

Hi there, you might be wondering what happened to the old Curabase?

I don't care, I just want to try it out

What happened?

This is what happens when side-projects experience catastrophic failures.

Curabase was knocked offline a couple of months ago. Only now, in late October, have I been able to focus long enough during nights and weekends to bring it back. Fortunately I have complete backups of source code and databases. (So if you are one of the few users I had from before — don't worry. You will be able to export your bookmarks soon).

Getting back up

However, the journey back was not what I expected. As I began to patch the bugs in preparation for re-deployment it became clear that there were some critical issues with the design, the code, and the overall product. This was not a product that I would be happy to use daily. Nor was it something that made updates and improvements easy. I decided to take the lessons from the first iteration (plus that of my own day job), and apply that wisdom to a fresh version of the idea.

Yes, a rewrite

Trust me, it will be better this way. Famous last words, I know. My sincere hope is that in this next iteration I will be more fearless in gathering criticism and feedback on the product.